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Constra - neuvottelutaidon kouluttaja ja asiantuntija

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Constra – Your expert in demanding interaction

Constra provides training and consultation in the most challenging interactions in business. Our services are tailored to improve negotiation and conflict management skills of your key people and to maximize your organization’s capacity to handle challenging interactions.

We give you concrete tools and models to deal with crises and conflicts. With them, you can manifest and solve your most important issues and maximize the social potential of your people.

We believe in focusing only on the issues that are essential for your business. We make interactions measurable and actions target-oriented.

Characteristics of challenging interactions:

  • The situation feels difficult and stressful
  • There seems to be limited options
  • The stakes are high for the organization
  • Person’s reputation and career are at stake

Examples of challenging interactions:

  • Media encounters in crisis situations
  • Disagreements about contracts
  • Solving conflicts
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Tough business negotiations